Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Removal & Extractions In Brampton

Wisdom teeth are in the rear of the mouth; these are third and very last molars that develop during the teenage years or early twenties. If wisdom teeth develop perfectly, they do not require extraction, however sometimes they may be misaligned and need treatment as a result of discomfort or pain. When wisdom teeth are not property aligned this could mean that they're growing horizontally, and can be crowding and impacting nearby teeth. The wisdom tooth on its own can also be fully or partially impacted and may be prone to infection, tooth decay or gum disease if not treated.

At our dental office, we focus on quick and pain-free treatment of these cumbersome third molars. Employing different relaxation techniques, we will ensure you are comfortable during the entire procedure. We have expertise in numerous cases which may range from simple and easy non-surgical removal to more complex treatments.

Wisdom Teeth Extration